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Doing Business
Setting up or taking over a business is much more than a mere change of career, it means choosing a completely new lifestyle. And we are here to help you make a success of it!

All of Auvergne is geared up to help you take over or set up a business

Here is our selection of properties
and business opportunities in Auvergne

Useful contacts

A comprehensive network

Auvergne has set up a network of specialists. They work together and cohesively to welcome you in the best possible conditions, not only to help you set up your business (as is the case of the Auvergne CCIs) but also to enable you to organise your future living environment.

A network of English-speaking agents

Throughout our region, we have mobilised a network of agents who speak English and are ready to support you in every stage of your settling in.

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Essential information

Access to business takeover offers and opportunities for setting up a business. The Internet site also has a selection of several hundred offers that could be of interest to you: existing businesses for takeover but also premises available in which to create a business. In each case, we try to give you as much information as possible to help you make your decision.

Means for setting up your project

Be our guest with the "résidences d’entrepreneurs"!

Auvergne helps you to choose your concern and to further your project by meeting all the useful contacts on the spot. We can take care of your travel, accommodation and restaurant expenses so you can come to Auvergne to validate and prepare your project.


Auvergne has a very comprehensive package of grants to help you start your business: interest-free loans on trust, repayable short-term loans, subsidies, grants to help put the project together, government aided loans, guarantee funds to help secure bank loans, etc. Access to these numerous grants depends on the nature of your project: line of business, location and size of the business.

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