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Living in Auvergne

Formalities in France


When you buy or rent a house in France, or get a car, or just walk in the street, you need insurance for yourself, your family, or your belongings.
Information on Insurances in France: www.lost-in-france.com

Buying a house in France

If you buy a house in France, you need help from a real estate agent and a notaire.
How to buy property in France: www.lost-in-france.com and the Guide to buying your property in France: www.lost-in-france.com

Medical care

As a French resident, you can enjoy multiple benefits from the health care system. 
Information on Health care: www.lost-in-france.com

Driving in France

If you come with your car, you need to register it with the French authorities (see www.drire.fr ).
And of course you will need a French plate and insurance.
Driving in France: www.lost-in-france.com

Public holidays

All public holidays in France are national and you can find them on any calendar.
Public holidays: www.lost-in-france.com


Though you will directly receive by mail all papers related to French local property taxes and national income tax, check what your status is and get information in advance: www.impots.gouv.fr.

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