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Living in Auvergne
Living in Auvergne really means something different. Here you can have a busy professional life and enjoy a lot of outdoor facilities. Nature is always nearby and quality of life has a real meaning.

Living in Auvergne

To discover people from other countries already settled in Auvergne, see.

Usefull French vocabulary for day-to-day business

Out of the 22 French regions, Auvergne is the one where authenticity is preserved and well taken care of. Some old houses and traditional farm cottages are still available in stunning sceneries. Everywhere you will find a fine blend of tradition and modernity.

In Auvergne, you will enjoy easy access to major towns and social activities, and have direct links to the outside world - Auvergne is one of the few regions in Europe where broadband internet is available everywhere. At the same time you will live your life at a better pace, with greater time for your well being.

Some people from other countries have already chosen to become Auvergnats, (this is how you call people living in Auvergne).

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